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This site is just for me to talk about things relating to my owm art, original characters, and stories. And sometimes fan works, but mainly the former.



My oldest story. The story of Wynn, who lost her childhood and her history to the whims of people who she's never met, who control every aspect of her life. It follows her, and two of her closest companions, as they make the trek from their small country to the capital where the current monarch resides. Wynn isn't too sure as to what they're supposed do once they're there, but Maura, one of her sort-of guardians, and Amaya, a girl she was raised with, seem confident. The story of Wynn finally having the chance, and having to decide for herself if she will take control, or continue to let others rule her life.
Could she even trust herself enough to choose?



Born... somewhere, and raised by a group of women whose names she never really got the chance to learn, Wynn is an even bigger mystery to herself than she might appear to others. All she can really say for sure is that she wants to know more - about the world around her, about the people she spends all her days with, and about who she is.

Wynn is naive to a fault.

She trusts that the people around her have the best intentions, and that any harm brought her way is definitely an accident. She loves Amaya more than she could put into words. She trusts Maura like a child.